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Our Company

Zebulon LLC: Financial Executive for the outdoor adventure industry.

Our purpose is pursuing healthy growth: Growing businesses, growing leadership teams, and growing wealth.

Our values include applying our collective talents in everything we do to help outfitters and our industry work smart, have fun, and make money.

We measure our growth by the strength of our partnerships, including our ability to elevate the outdoor industry’s most innovative outfitters by blending practical education with professional servitude.

How do we do it? Through consistent, steadfast executive-level leadership and financial services; leveraging cutting-edge business practices, tech, and AI; and facilitating exclusive small-group collaborative sessions in our first-of-its-kind, non-competitive peer group “the Eddy.”

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Our People

Smiling headshot of Zeb Smith, founder and owner of Zebulon LLC

Zeb Smith – Colorado

Hello! Zebulon here, the owner of Zebulon LLC, but you can call me Zeb.

Work Smart: I have a Bachelor’s of Business Administration and am licensed as a Certified Public Accountant, one of the highest business credentials around. I entered the profession in 2011, I now speak regularly at industry conferences, and I love sharing my knowledge via online channels.

Have Fun: I am an outdoorsy, family guy. From weekend camp trips with my son to backcountry archery hunts with my wife, my passion in life is spending time with my family outdoors.

Make Money: I apply my talents to help everyone from owners to first-year guides intentionally contribute to an outfit’s bottom line, growing everyone’s wealth and standards of giving.

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Smiling headshot of Zeb Smith, founder and owner of Zebulon LLC

Corey Jay – California

Hello! I’m Corey.

Work Smart: I hold a Master’s degree in Leadership & Innovation, and I bring over a decade of experience in tourism and hospitality to the table.

Have Fun: I, too, love the outdoors. I’m happiest outside – whether trekking in South America or stand-up paddling in San Diego’s Mission Bay.

Make Money: I’m Zeb’s Executive Assistant and Zebulon’s Marketing whiz. My talents are best served spinning words, data, and design elements into stories worth telling.

Meet with Corey

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