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Smiling headshot of Zeb Smith, founder and owner of Zebulon LLC

Zeb Smith – Colorado

Hello! Zebulon here, the owner of Zebulon LLC, but you can call me Zeb. Here’s a little about me:

I am an outdoorsy family guy. From weekend camp trips with my son, to backcountry archery hunts with my wife, my passion in life is creating memories with my family outdoors.

I am a licensed Certified Public Accountant and Business Consultant who works exclusively with outdoor adventure industry businesses. You can hear me speak regularly at industry conferences, and I am a qualified guide to help you on your business journey. Many outfitters have coined me “The Guides’ Guide.”

“Whether I’m hunting elk at timberline or helping outfitters achieve their goals, the pursuit keeps my spirit high and full of life. I’m extremely grateful for the owners and their teams who invite my team and I to guide them on their business journeys.”

I invite you to contact me or any of my team members using the buttons below. Please join the Outside In-Crowd Facebook Group and Groover Gab webinar series to engage with our team and other outfitters and industry leaders in regular online discussions, and subscribe to our weekly newsletter for blogs and updates. When you’re ready to work with me, complete a New Client Request Form to get started.

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Smiling headshot of Zeb Smith, founder and owner of Zebulon LLC

Corey Jay – California

Hello! I am Corey. I, too, love the outdoors. I’m happiest outside – whether trekking in the Andes Mountains in South America or paddling in sunny San Diego’s Mission Bay.

I bring over a decade of experience in tourism and hospitality to the table. With a background in marketing, leadership, and international tourism I love spinning words, data, and design elements into stories worth telling.

I’m Zeb’s Executive Assistant and our marketing extraordinaire; readily helping Zeb serve clients and our front-runner for all things marketing. I’ll even help clients with marketing when there’s a need. Let’s connect!

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Smiling headshot of Zeb Smith, founder and owner of Zebulon LLC

Chris Frazee – Idaho

Hello! Chris, here. I, too, am an outdoorsy family man. I enjoy time with my wife and children camping, fishing, rafting, and doing anything tied to the outdoors.

You’re looking at the industry veteran. With over 25 years in the outdoor industry, you could say I’ve been around for a while. I started as a river guide in the Idaho Wilderness area (that was fun). After guiding, I built rafts for the Maravia Corporation and worked my way up the ranks to President. Most recently before Zebulon, I helped outfitters mitigate risk as Vice President of Sales for CBIZ.

Now I spearhead Zebulon’s outreach and sales efforts to help more outfitters work smarter, play harder, and make more money. You can find me at industry conferences and trade shows, connect with me in the Outside In-Crowd Facebook Group, and shoot the sh*t with me and other outfitters during Zebulon’s Groover Gab.

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“Zebulon has helped us gain a complete grasp of our financial picture and build some certainty into a historically unpredictable business.”

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“Zebulon has been an enormous help in managing my business. I feel great because of them!”

“In just one season, Zebulon helped us generate an additional $131,274 in net profits.”

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