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We’re the experts at growing profitable businesses.

Executive Services for Growth-Minded Outfits:

Work Smart.

Our talented experts, equipped with industry knowledge, business-forward resources, and cutting-edge tech, raise the bar for your outfit’s “work hard, play hard” ethos.

  • CPAs, MBAs, and beyond
  • Industry-specific since 2019
  • Serving 30+ outfitters nationwide
  • AI-powered tech stack
  • Today’s most innovative and relevant business resources
Inverted triangular graphic showing the four stratospheres of Zebulon's services: Strategy at the top, then Structure, then Team, and finally Individuals.

Have Fun.

Enjoy time spent with like-minded professionals focused on growing your outfit’s revenue, people, and bottom line.

Gain access to “the Eddy,” an exclusive group of the industry’s most profitable and forward-thinking outfit owners, managers, and leaders to discuss business growth in a non-compete environment.

  • Recurring meetings with Zeb
  • Collaborate with your true peers
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Make Money.

Everything we do makes you and your outfit more money. Guaranteed.

Unlock a new era of growth, success, and profitability by leveling-up your business’s financial game with Zebulon as your Fractional CFO.

  • Strategic planning
  • Financial leadership
  • Profit growth initiatives
  • … and more.
Chart showing the details of the Zebulon client portfolio, including $36.5m total revenue managed, $1.4m typical outfit size, and $279k average annual growth.
Work With Zebulon

Every Company on Retainer Receives:

  • A boutique monthly service plan, built around your specific goals.

  • Recurring meetings with Zeb and unlimited phone calls & emails in between.

  • Access to our industry network of professionals.

Popular CFO Initiatives:

  • Growth-Focused Strategic Planning

  • Growth-Focused Organizational Build-Out

  • Growth-Focused Team Development

  • Growth-Focused Leadership Training

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Connect With Us:

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