“As a CPA with a passion for adventure and the great outdoors, I help outfitters achieve long-term success and increase profits.”

We hold 45+ years of collective industry experience, and we provide a “Royal Flush” of services. As the nation’s only industry-specific team, our priority is helping outfitters strengthen their businesses and grow their leaders.

Zeb and son are all smiles astride a snowmobile together, thinking about the full range of services Zebulon LLC offers.

We guarantee a minimum 5x return on your investment in the first year!

Our Services:

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Leadership Training2023-03-22T18:47:07+00:00

Elevate your top talent with our leadership training program that emphasizes education, communication, creative thinking, and accountability. We turn managers into true leaders who share your goals and commit themselves to the long-term success of your business.

Open-Book Consulting2023-03-22T21:12:06+00:00

Learn the whys and hows of sharing key financial information with your team. Strategically opening your books will foster better buy-in and communication, drive revenues, and grow your bottom line.

Employee-Owner Coaching2023-03-22T20:48:57+00:00

Sculpt your seasonal and year-round workers into key strategic players. Our employee coaching program creates accountability and incentives for growing your bottom line and delivering on your vision.

Profit Analysis Projections & Metrics2023-03-22T21:21:18+00:00

Dive deep into your outfit’s numbers in a no-judgment zone. Discover opportunities to crank up your profit, use Zeb’s projections to visualize the huge impact that small changes can make, and monitor metrics to get ‘er done.

Activity Pricing Audits2023-03-22T21:49:44+00:00

Learn the power of reassessing your experience pricing, and pinpoint areas where you can make small adjustments to get the biggest, most efficient returns.

Bonus & Incentive Programs2023-03-22T20:53:07+00:00

It’s a win-win situation: Building a custom set of perks for your team creates huge returns for you, while also empowering leaders to make gains on their personal and professional goals.

Custom Projects2023-03-23T18:36:33+00:00

From in-depth financial health inspections, to historical expense reviews, to niche industry wage analyses … you name it! Whatever your needs are, we can build custom solutions to strengthen your business – all with our guarantee that you’ll see a minimum 5x return on your investment in the first year.

Every service engagement comes with:

  • A boutique monthly service plan, built around your specific goals.

  • One-on-one recurring meetings with Zeb, with unlimited phone & email consults between.

  • Adjustable scope, fixed rate, with no annual contract. Pay only for what you need, when you need it.

Why partner with us?


We have extensive knowledge of the outdoor industry, and we know first-hand that outfitters face unique financial and staffing challenges.


We have a flawless track record providing jaw-dropping results, and we guarantee you’ll have fun and make more money.


Our passion is to strengthen your business, and to help you grow financially and as industry leaders.

“The Zebulon team is so easy to work with.”

“Hiring Zebulon was the best decision I ever made.”

“I simply love working with Zebulon”

“I highly recommend Zebulon”

“The Zebulon team never talks over our heads”

“The folks at Zebulon always put our needs first”

“Managing our outfit and our finances is so much easier because of Zebulon”

“Working with Zebulon is a no-brainer”

“The Zebulon team really know our industry”

Work smarter. Have more fun. Make more money.

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