The industry’s first-of-its-kind peer coaching group for growth-minded outfitters is here. Read on to discover why we founded The Eddy, the distinct advantages that group members can experience, and how you can join.

The Eddy peer group by Zebulon LLC.

Zebulon’s Evolution: Our Commitment to Outfitter Growth

It’s no secret that Zebulon’s clients reside in the outdoor industries. You could even say that our first company evolution was back in 2019, when we decided to focus our services on companies in the outdoor industry. Since then, we can say with 100% certainty that we’ve found the best community to serve!

Now, we’ve evolved again. In order to serve our outfitters even better, and in order to live our values of pursuing healthy growth through professional servitude, we’ve pared down our client numbers. This means we’ve refined our efforts to provide even more bandwidth to more targeted partnerships.

On the service front, even though we’re highly qualified to provide many of the 8 Financial Functions Outfitters Need, we’re now full-send on offering Financial Executive services to help our outfitters grow. This ensures our clients’ businesses will prosper as much as possible with us as valued leadership team members, rather than just as external accountants or consultants.

Shrinking our client volume and focusing on Financial Executive services has allowed us to innovate our offerings and bring The Eddy peer group into the world. So, we present to you: The Eddy, a non-competitive opportunity for outfit owners and managers to pursue business growth and accountability with top-tier peers. 

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Experts Agree: Peer Groups Are Priceless

As businesses mature, so must business leaders, and participating in a peer group can accelerate a leader’s growth.

Here are just some of the recognized benefits participants can expect from peer coaching groups, per the Harvard Business Review:

  • Receive strategic insights and perspectives from fellow industry leaders
  • Forge a sense of community with like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Spur motivation and accountability for continuous growth and innovation
  • Be surrounded by peers experiencing similar business challenges, who are uniquely positioned to provide ideas, advice, lived testimonials, and support

Many outfit owners and leaders feel like they’re on an island by themselves, with no one else at the top, but joining a peer group can be both an antidote to isolation and an accelerant for growth, accountability, and innovation.

The Changing of the Guard

In our experience, the outfitting industry tends to split into two divided leadership styles. 

First, there’s the traditional guard of leaders, who boot-strapped a business for decades and originally viewed outfitting as a hobby that happened to pay the bills (most of the time). 

And then there’s the new guard of leaders, who view outfitting as an entrepreneurial endeavor, and who strive to make business-savvy decisions for the good of their people and their future financial interests. 

The Eddy was created specifically for the new guard.

The Mechanics of The Eddy Peer Group

The value of leadership peer groups is well documented, and we’ve received a ton of interest in joining the Eddy. However, to maintain a high-caliber, intimate learning environment, we’re limiting membership to just those clients actively on retainer with Zebulon. If partnering with us interests you, contact us!

Growing leadership teams is one of our company’s core values – it’s even a part of our purpose statement. So, we’re inviting each outfit on retainer with us to provide up to two Eddy participants: the owner or CEO, plus one top-level member of their leadership team.

The Eddy may sound familiar to anyone with knowledge of the “20 Group” used by car dealerships. In fact, “20 Group” participants often view fellow members as their informal board of advisors, and we’re confident Eddy participants will feel the same.

Our Commitment to Healthy Growth

Zebulon’s purpose is to pursue healthy growth: growing businesses, growing leadership teams, and growing wealth. The Eddy directly aligns with our company purpose by fostering growth in each of these areas.

We created this group as a testament to our commitment to serving our community. As such, we’re facilitating a consistent schedule of thought-provoking lessons, initiatives, and opportunities for Eddy members to refine their learnings. 

The bottom line is this: the Eddy is a game-changer for outfit owners and top managers. This innovative peer group offers outfitters a genuine competitive edge in a one-of-a-kind non-competitive environment.

If you’d like to work with us and join the Eddy peer group to elevate your outfit, contact us. We’d love to have you.

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