Here at Zebulon we’re in the business of improving outfitter finances, from incorporating value-based pricing, to building financial projections, to growing your bottom line.

But did you know Zebulon specializes in one-on-one leadership training, too?

Our leadership training process

Our leadership training process starts with outfit owners. First, you’ll identify your big-picture vision, high-level goals, and main objectives, both from personal and professional standpoints.

You’ll start one-on-one with Zebulon, where you’ll familiarize yourself with Zebulon’s methodologies, approaches, and language. We’ll build expectations for your business and your team members. From there, Zebulon brings your managers and top leaders into the fold.

With an emphasis on education, communication, creative thinking, and accountability, we artfully elevate your top talent. We guide them from being merely managers, lead guides, or employees – people traditionally responsible for “getting stuff done” – and help them grow into true leaders with a sense of ownership in the success of your outfit.

Your top talent will now share in your goals and commit themselves to the long-term success of your business. They’ll also prioritize growing your bottom line AND delivering on your vision.

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Training for mindset shifts

The primary goal of our leadership training is to instill a true employee-owner mindset in your manager, and an employee-ownership culture throughout your outfit.

As such, our leadership training helps each outfit’s top managers and leaders define and communicate their own goals. And they do this while using milestones to guide their progress. Leaders will adopt the tools we provide for monitoring metrics to guarantee results (all done in-line with the owner’s vision and objectives, of course!).

Employee-owner mindsets elevate employees to strategically think about a business’s future, and embrace the “investment-reward” concept necessary for any fiscally smart leader.

The cherry on top: Bonus and incentive plans

A fan-favorite component of Zebulon’s leadership training is building personalized bonus and incentive plans. These plans reward personnel for hitting key targets along the way. Who doesn’t like getting paid more for a job well done?!

What our leadership training clients are saying

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear it straight from owners who have gone through the process themselves:

Mike at American Adventure Expeditions

Mike is an outfit owner taking big steps to elevate his leadership team:

  • “This will benefit all of my managers while they work here, or wherever they end up. Financial literacy is a huge life skill both professionally and personally.”
  • “As opposed to me being the only one pushing sales or trying to control expenses, now my managers all understand that if everyone contributes to increasing revenue and keeping expenses low, we all win.”

Tom and Evan at Sierra South Mountain Sports

Tom and Evan are a dynamite father-son duo, preparing for an eventual hand-off of the businesses.

  • “What I’m thrilled with is what I see happening … The synergy between the companies.” – Tom (dad)
  • “I now know we’re in really good shape for what’s to come.” – Evan (son)
  • “My Dad’s biggest concern … when he does decide to step out … is he wants to make sure that he’s leaving the company in good hands, with a good cushion and a good safety net, which I completely appreciate.” – Evan

Zebulon’s track record securing “wins”

With over 45 years of combined industry experience, our team has a complete toolkit for tackling common organizational issues and team-building efforts.

We have proven experience in the following:

Zeb stands in front of a presentation screen, giving a live Leadership Training session and engaging with outdoor outfitter industry leaders.

  • Mapping team dynamics and personality traits, which helps owners and managers better understand themselves and each other;
  • Defining roles and delegating responsibilities based on individual strengths;
  • Reducing stress and bringing joy back into the workplace;
  • Discovering operating efficiencies, which saves both time and money;
  • Pinpointing problems long before they pop up;
  • Driving more income with a more efficient effort;
  • … and so much more!

Work Smarter. Have More Fun. Make More Money.

Are you an owner who wants to replace yourself and instill an employee-owner mindset in your management team?

Are you ready to fine-tune your business senses, open your mind to opportunities you previously thought impossible, and elevate your managers into strong leaders using proven techniques?

If you want to run your business smarter, make more money, and have fun doing it along the way, then fill out this form or click on the button below to start your leadership training today.

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