It takes commitment and consistency to nurture sustainable growth. The outfitters that benefit the most from working with Zebulon LLC flow through a simple yet impactful multi-stage journey. Here’s what to expect when you work with us.

A visualization of what to expect on your journey with Zebulon, built around a rafting paddle timeline.

Stage 1: Scout It Out

During your first months with Zebulon LLC we’ll work with you one-on-one to outfit your business for the season. 

Together we’ll scout out your routes, create a plan, equip you with the right tools, and test the pre-season waters. Check out our services page for details on some of our most popular Stage 1 offerings.

Suggested time investment for Stage 1: at least six months. We recommend starting right after your busy season ends, when desired changes are top-of-mind. You’ll also want to give yourself ample time, so you’ll be ready to face your following busy season head-on after all our strategizing together. For summer-season outfits, this usually means starting around October; for winter-season outfits, we’re looking at a springtime kick-off.

Stage 2: Send It!

Continue rowing with us to guide your business through the busy season. In this stage, we’ll meet bi-weekly to elevate you from the day-by-day and monitor your progress along the plan we scouted together in Stage 1. 

Suggested time investment for Stage 2: All season long, from start to finish. After all, it takes commitment and consistency to nurture sustainable growth.

Many outfitters cycle between Stage 1 and Stage 2 with us, doing consistent laps between these stages year after year. Many more outfitters, typically those who desire to have more fun with their management team, or owners who want to elevate themselves out of operations, step up to Stage 3.

Stage 3: The Next Crop

In this third stage, we’ll bring your top talent into the fold and train up committed managers to run future seasons. Together we’ll continue exploring new routes and coach your best people to excellence. After all, who doesn’t want to spend more time enjoying themselves and less time worrying if their outfit is in capable hands? 

Suggested time investment for Stage 3: At least two years per trainee. Sustained investment in your hand-picked protégés will have far-reaching positive repercussions.

Stage 4: Continue The Journey

After scouting things out, sending it, and training up the next crop, in this final stage we’ll continue to innovate your offerings, invest in your people, and grow your bottom line. 

This stage looks different for each client, but understand that here we’re talking about savvy decisions, top-tier talent, and significantly more money each year.

Suggested time investment for Stage 4: As long as it takes. Work smarter, have more fun, and make more money.

Sounds Great – I’m In! Now What?

You’re the expert at delivering excellent experiences. We’re the experts at growing businesses, nurturing top-tier talent, and helping outfit owners reap long-term rewards.

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