Mike earned more family time, and majorly increased profit

Picture this: You own a summer season business and spend every weekend working, while your family enjoys their summer vacation.

Sound all too familiar? It was for Mike of American Adventure Expeditions, too.

That is, until Mike started working smarter, playing harder, and making more money (we’re talking an increased profit of $120,000 – even after an intentional 20% drop in user days!).

Work smarter, so you can play harder 

Despite the many reasons to work double time during the summer of 2020, Mike took every weekend off and spent quality time with his family, all while the business effectively ran itself. 

Mike hiked, camped, and fished all summer with his kids – something he’d never done before. According to Mike, “2020 was the first time in 15 years that it didn’t feel like the wheels were spinning off the bus.”

But how was this even possible? By working with Zeb, of course.

One-on-one coaching to increase profit

Through personalized sessions with Zeb, a certified CPA and the industry’s only coach for outdoor outfitters, Mike was able to first identify his personal goals and then make informed business decisions to begin achieving those goals. 

By using Zeb’s data and expertise to visualize scenarios, Mike’s seasonal business had its best summer ever – despite being in the middle of a pandemic! This is a testament to Zeb’s method of understanding big-picture goals and motivations as the best way to adapt when life throws you curveballs.

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For the low-down on how Mike unlocked these impressive stats, check out this video interview:

Key takeaways:

  • 00:46 – The importance of starting with the basics to get a full financial picture
  • 01:15 – “We had a banner year” at America Adventure Expeditions – despite pivoting with the pandemic
  • 01:27 – The big reveal: a whopping $120,000 overall net profit gain!
  • 02:20 – Behind-the-scenes look at Zeb’s process: pinpointing personal goals and steering your business to achieve those goals
  • 02:37 – Direct quote from Mike: “Aside from making more money this year … I took every Sunday and Monday off all summer long.” Not bad, Mike!
  • 03:00 – How starting with the end goal in mind helps outfits make sound business decisions
  • 04:15 – The sweet spot: “You worked less, and got paid more.” “Exactly!”
  • 05:00 – It’s priceless having another set of (professional) eyes looking at the finances of your outfit
  • 06:05 – Using Zeb’s scenarios and projections to help make smart business decisions
  • 06:17 – Direct quote from Mike: “To have services like yours, and have you on our team, was invaluable.”
  • 07:48 – The bottom line: Mike loves having more security and stability in his business

Mike’s story is both incredible and empowering. His journey is packed with actions you can easily adopt in your own business. Please join us in congratulating Mike on this incredible achievement! 

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