Course Launch + Program Release

I’m so stoked to officially release the “Grow A Profitable And Thriving Adventure Business” Program!

The program includes two parts: an online course and a group-based membership program.

The course is everything you need to grow a profitable and thriving adventure business.

It is a series of videos and exercises that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.

The group program is your opportunity to connect with me and other like-minded adventurous entrepreneurs going through the program.

We will have weekly Zoom meetups. All meetups will be recorded and provided to the participants.

This is your opportunity to get CFO-level support at an incredibly affordable rate!

The group program is a limited time offer. So don’t delay. Apply today.

Forgive the dark sand-bags under my eyes and the scattered thoughts… Kiddo is teething, it’s been a nightmare, and I am tired!

Click HERE to learn more about the program or get started on the course today.
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