Cash Flow Planning During The Shoulder Season


A lot can happen between seasons: unexpected bad weather, unfavorable government changes, unavoidable global pandemics, and other external factors outside of your control. This course will help you avoid the financial stresses of a seasonal tourism-based business and put more money in your pocket between seasons. It will show you how to pay yourself, satisfy

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Financial Reporting: The Basics


Every owner needs to understand the language of your business's finances. Not knowing this language will slow you down and cost you way too much money. In this course I introduce you to the basic financial reports, what they each mean, and how to use them to improve your finances. After going through this course

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Business Planning: Give Your Business Direction


Let's be honest... Your business needs direction. Without it your business will change course, get lost, and ultimately go down a path you don't want it to go. In this course we will discuss the 'mission critical' components of your business, write-out your business vision, build a timeline to make it a reality, and discuss

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Business Planning: Putting Your Priorities First


You the owner are the top priority of your business. If you are not taken care of first, then the rest of your business is certain to fail. In this course we define your personal purpose as an owner of your business, envision your ideal life for which the business will support, do a financial

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