Personal Purpose: Your GPS In Life & Business

How are you doing? How are you holding up?
Is the dust settling and are things becoming clearer?

In this week’s video, I introduce the concept of a personal purpose and share with you how it’s helping others exit, expand, scale, change business operations, or stay the course. It makes navigating unusual times and decision making easy!

I even share with you my personal purpose! And guess what? It’s nothing that has to do with business…

There’s a special announcement at the end that involves education, community, & comradery. Stick around to learn about it and the opportunity to help you grow a profitable and thriving adventure business.

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Full Transcript

Recently with all this downtime, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on what’s most important to me.

To be honest, I was brushing my dog this weekend and realized she’s getting chunky… Which made me realize I was getting a but bloated in the belly and that I needed to start doing something about it. That’s one of the reasons why I’m out on run right now.

This was a bit of a slap in the face because I realized that, despite the downtime, I haven’t really been focusing on what matters most. I’ll get to that in a bit when I expose to you my personal purpose and how it helps me grow a profitable and thriving business.

But first, let’s chat about you quick. How are you doing? Things have been nuts, recently. How are you holding up?

I’ve spoken with several people all across the globe and there’s a wide range of comfort levels row. Not just in where a business stands financially but more on where owners stand in terms of their purpose.

Right now, amidst this forced downtime, is a great time to self reflect. What are the activities you really enjoy deep down in your heart? Is it spending time outside? Is it creating experiences with your loved ones? Is it sharing your passion with others? What are the outcomes you desire? Outcomes could be financially such as a feeling of financial freedom or it could be the impact you have on your community. It could even be how you provide for loved ones or how you enjoy sharing your life’s passion.

I’ve had a few people approach me and tell me that, after some deeper reflection, they’ve decided they aren’t sure if their business is really what they want to do. They’ve told me their business isn’t truly making them happy anymore. And you know what? That’s OKAY.

You can totally feel that way about your business. Stepping away from your business isn’t giving up people. It’s not throwing in the towel of shame. We go through stages in life. We grow. We change interests. We have children. Where we were at when we started a business usually isn’t where we are two, five, and ten years later. So, don’t feel bad. There’s no need to like you’re a failure when it’s time to step away.

If this is you, there are things we’re going to want to do to position you well to sell your asset but that’s a different video.

On the flip side, I’ve had owners approach me about significant changes in their business. We’re not talking small service lines; we’re talking big expansions or serious scale backs. Things these owners never mentioned before but are seriously looking into because they’ve found an opportunity to make changes that better support them.

Each one of these owners have looked internal, spoked deeply with their spouses, and decided this is a time to make a change. Whether you have decided to go down the route of selling or has decided to make a significant change to operations: the decision isn’t for the business but rather for you.  This is wonderful! Do you know why? The business is a tool that supports our broader life! The business isn’t life itself but a single component of who we are as individuals. The business is here to support you!

My clients recognize this and are 100% confident behind the decisions they make because they know their decisions support their ultimate purpose.

I told you I’d tell you my personal purpose. My purpose is:

“To love a life independent of financial concerns so I can spend time with my family hunting, hiking, camping, and all things outdoors.”

What I love most is being outside. Specifically hunting, hiking, and camping. What makes me happiest is sharing it with my loved ones. Christine, my fiancé, and I have dreams about hunting all across the globe during our retirement. Before then, in the next twenty years, I want to be a present father and share my passion with my son, Cayson. Today, I want to take mornings in the middle of the week and go hunt turkeys. These are the activities in my passion.

My outcome is to live a life independent of financial concerns. At this point in my life, I see my consulting business as the #1 opportunity to grow and profitable and thriving business that provides the freedom to do what I love and deliver a life independent of financial concerns.

I’ve chosen adventurous entrepreneurs, primarily outfitters and guides, as my target audience. Mostly because they share the same values. We are the same people. I really enjoy helping them grow profitable and thriving adventure businesses. I love helping grow businesses that get the owners outside sharing their passion for the outdoors with others. I love helping owners understand their finances, so you don’t have to watch the weather and news every year worrying if it’s going to be a good year or a bad year. I love helping you make the decisions to thrive through disruptions. I love it when you make the decision to hand the business over to your kids or sell so you can start another venture or retire comfortably.

So, my business is simply a tool that supports my purpose of living a life independent of financial concerns so I can spend time with my family hunting, hiking, camping, and all things outdoors.

Send me a message if you want the tools to define your purpose. It’s a 3-min exercise that does wonders. Your purpose is your GPS and makes navigating decisions so much easier.

Also, today I’m releasing an online course on everything you need to grow a profitable and thriving adventure business. It’s all of the stuff I’ve done with my owners to improve profits by hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single season, thrive through back to back disruptions, and grow assets that get owners outside sharing their passion with others.

This week it is available only to the owners in my Facebook group. So if you’re on outfitter or guide and to be on the in to check it out, follow the link below and request to join. If you know someone who might, forward this email to them and encourage him or her to join.

There’s a exclusive opportunity for a group-based membership program where owners who are going through the program can connect, engage, and learn from others as well as connect with me via weekly Zoom calls. This is limited to 10 owners on a first come first serve basis. So my Facebook group members have first dibs.

I hope you’ve found this video useful and that it’s sparked thoughts on defining your purpose.

I’m Zeb Smith… Wherever you’re at, please leave a comment below to let me know what you think of my material and to share with me your purpose. Thank you for watching!

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