More Time With Family & An Add’l $120k In Net Profit!

Imagine owning a summer season business and spending every weekend at work while your family enjoys their summer vacation.

Sound all too familiar? It was for Mike, too. Until recently…

Mike achieved something great! 💸

Despite the many reasons to buckle down and work double-time during Covid, 2020 was the first summer in Mike’s 15 years of owing his outfit that he took every weekend off and spent time with his family – While the business effectively ran itself.

He hiked, camped, and fished all summer with his kids… Something he had never done before.

He also increased net profits by $120k – Even after an intentional 20% drop in user days.

Mike says, “2020 was the first year in 15 years that it didn’t feel like the wheels were spinning off the bus.”

After all, Mike and his whole team worked less hard and made more money!

Here is a quick video of us discussing his season & what we did to deliver such amazing results. It’s an incredible and empowering story packed with initiatives you can adopt in your business as well – You gotta check it out!

With a little bit of Zeb’s help, I’m confident you can do this in your business too!

Please join me in congratulating Mike on this incredible achievement! 👏

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